Bringing The Full Theatre Experience Home

For most people going out to the cinema and having the full theatre experience rate right up there with life’s most memorable experiences. It is no longer required to reserve seats, dress uncomfortably and watch the memory challenged grapple for the silence button when their mobile jumps into action. The experience is now available in your home with all the little annoyance removed but keeping the pleasures and in some instances enhancing them. Come with and let us hit the PLAY button together.

Be at home with a theatrical touch

There is a good reason why the term “home cinema” did not make the grade. Today a home theatre has much more to offer than the cinema down the exhaust-smoke filled lane. Apart from showing films with great viewing quality the home theatre is also the place where family and friends congregate to enjoy a shared passion. This can range from watching the next episode in the latest TV series to listening to a surround sound concert of your favourite group. Surfing on YouTube and making a Skype call can all be accomplished without leaving the comfort of your chair.

The map is not the journey

Having a fully functional home theatre installed is not something that can be done by looking at a “7 Easy Steps” website. The problems associated with designing and implementing a home theatre system are the same as those experienced when networking high-tech components. They all work seamlessly together but only if they are set up and connected in one way out of the myriad of possibilities. Finding your way home is not so easy when it comes to this type of theatre. The shortest route is to locate the experts who do this on a daily basis and know how to hit a home run.

Vision and sound

The advice from the experts is indispensable. They know the ons and offs of television when it boils down to plasma versus LED and why 1920 is different from 1280. They are done with having the surround system working long before the cows come home. They don’t trip up when it gets to cables and know their way around Bluetooth and the Orange Book. Years of experience has taught them how to have a safety net planned when the network starts rolling out.

And then there’s more

After the TV and speakers have made their debut it is time for Blu-ray, laptops, tablets, control panels and comfortable seats as we hit the home stretch. The professional home theatre consultants can even provide custom lighting and show you how to have multiple windows with different content in each to satisfy the different priorities of the family members to make them feel right at home. It is the perfect integration of all the separate components that turns watching just another movie into a quality theatre-like experience.

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