Trumps Promises, Threaten Net Neutrality

Unless you have been living under a rock, on Mars you cannot escape every word that comes out of Donald Trumps mouth. No matter what the case it was hard to look at the events that took place in Chicago last week at a Donald j  Trump rally where a kind of uncomfortable yet totally predictable racially driven social unrest took place. Where Donald Trump where was set to speak in from of thousand of people where they eventually ended up throwing punches and inciting the violence and hatred which was encouraged by the campaign and from the words of lips of Donald Trump himself. Most notable we can remember him saying that he would pay the legal fees of anyone who attacked a protester he did not agree with. The Scence ended up being so Chaotic and problematic that they ended up cancelling the event citing security concerns resulting from Trump’s nonsense. We are reverting to antiquated Laws to justify illegal activityhfhfhf

It was a a glaringly fallacious it would be very surprising were in not coming from the lips of the very own Donald J Trump; and lets be honest this was in no way even close to the first well publicized act of violence at a Donald J Trump event. Infact, it is not even amont the top 10 but hey whos counting. But it wouldn’t matter if they ever did or did not, Trump supporters are a force of violence and that is what they are encouraged to be.

When we consider what Trumps america might look like for America but to a certain extent for its longevity the health of the internet and Net Neutrality we must take pause and consider what is going to happen to the internet this thing that is Global is very much an american phenominia and based very much in a few miles of the south bay. “The Internet is the best fact-checker and the best bias-confirmer ever invented,” says Michael Lynch, professor of philosophy at University of Connecticut and author of the new book The Internet of Us. “It’s both things at once.”

Trump has clearly streached and very much basterized and killed the truth on many occasions so some consider how can this happen?“From a contradiction, you can derive anything,” Lynch says. “You get people to a point where they’re receiving contradictory signals, and they start to just ignore the bit that seems inconsistent with their own beliefs.”sdfgasdg

If elected Trump will wage war, but it will not be with foreign entities as we all fear, it will be on ourselves, it will be on the very way we exchange and convey information with one another. He wants to make a world where he is free from criticism in a kind of fascist totalitarian regime where in no one will criticize in fearing the wrath of libel. This is not what the internet stands for, and the internet is not supposed to stand for anything other than freedom; freedom to say whatever you want without fear of some psychopath wrath.